Facilities and Services
Swimming Pools
Tennis Court and Volleyball Court
Mail Boxes and Postal Service
The individual townhomes, buildings, common areas and property are
well-maintained by an on-site maintenance crew and professional service
and construction contractors, which has helped to increase and maintain the
value for the homeowners.  The common areas include many mature live
oak, cypress, magnolia and other trees that provide a reasonable amount of
cool, green shade and pleasant common areas for much of the townhome
Westwind Townhomes has 326 townhomes with garages and three basic
exterior building styles -  hardiplank siding, cedar siding, and red brick and
hardiplank.  There are different exterior styles of the fronts of each of these
three building types, so there is variability of the frontal appearances of the
townhome buildings.  The original townhomes with hardiplank siding and
cedar siding were constructed from 1980 to 1983 and feature original floor
plan designs by Trendmaker Homes.  The newer townhomes with red brick
and hardiplank siding were constructed in 2001 and 2002.  The townhome
sizes range from approximately 1,100 to more than 2,400 square feet.  
There are U. S. Postal Service (USPS) mail boxes distributed at several covered alcoves throughout the
Westwind Townhomes property.  The mail boxes are numbered for each address and a key is required to open
the boxes.  Homeowners and residents are responsible for the boxes and key and should contact the USPS
directly regarding service.  The closest USPS postal station is located at 12655 Whittington Drive, Houston,
Texas, 77077 and their phone number is 281-920-9337.
Townhomes and Common Areas
The clubhouse is located on the north side of Richmond Avenue, west of Windchase Blvd. at 2915 Meadowgrass
Lane.  The upper floor of the clubhouse is used for the Board of Directors meetings and commonly for the annual
homeowners’ meeting.
The monthly Westwind Townhomes has completed several capital improvement and repair projects within the
past several years and there are other planned or possible projects that are in progress or may be completed in
the future if approved and funded.

Completed Projects:
Townhomes with Hardiplank Siding– complete replacement and painting of all exterior siding and wood trim on
these townhomes.  This extensive work was completed by Association crews with the Association purchasing the
Hardiplank, wood trim, paint, etc., which saved considerable money.   

Townhomes with Cedar Siding – complete replacement, staining and sealing of all exterior cedar siding and wood
trim on townhomes in all 4 cedar siding buildings.  This extensive work was completed by an Association crew
with the Association purchasing the cedar planks, wood trim, etc.  A contractor applied the cedar stain and

Exterior Painting of Red Brick & Hardiplank Buildings – Contractor has completed repainting the Hardiplank
siding, wood trim and doors of all the newer red brick townhomes.

Concrete Driveway and Sidewalk Repairs – extensive replacement and repair of damaged portions of concrete
driveways and sidewalks both north and south of Richmond Avenue.

Upgraded and Expanded Exterior Lighting - Exterior lighting has been added throughout the property and along
the bayou.

Preparation of Specifications and Bid for New Sprinkler System – obtained 6 bids for installation of new lawn and
landscape watering sprinkler system throughout the property.  Bids were considerably higher than estimated by
Engineer and the project is on hold.

Flat Garage Roof Inspections – professional inspection of flat garage roofs and preparation of report with
recommended repairs and photographs.

Tree Planting and Replacement - The Association continues to replace damaged trees and plant new trees
around the property.

Property-Wide Tree Trimming – professional Arborist completed property-wide tree trimming in the early part of
the 2008 hurricane season.

Hurricane Ike Repairs and Clean-Up – Management & the Association maintenance crew,  contractors and Harris
County responded quickly and worked hard to help limit roof leaks, make necessary roof, patio wall and other
repairs, trim trees and clean-up considerable tree limb, trash and other hurricane debris.

Projects in Progress:
Flat Garage Roof Repairs – Association maintenance crew are completing repairs to many of the flat garage
roofs identified in the 2008 roof inspections.  A contractor(s) will complete the more extensive roof repairs and
replacements that the maintenance crew cannot complete.

Planned and Possible Future Projects - if/as needed, approved and as funds allow:
Exterior painting of buildings with hardiplank siding.
Installation of new landscaping in selected areas.
Complete replacement of roof shingles.
Capital Improvements and Repair Projects
Association Versus Homeowner Responsibilities and Insurance
There can be some misunderstanding regarding whether a homeowner association or townhome owner is
responsible for the maintenance and repairs of different types of townhome structures and components.  In
general, the townhome owner is responsible for the interior townhome repairs, some of the exterior repairs and all
required insurance coverages.  The Westwind Townhome Homeowners Association is responsible for routine
maintenance, repair and replacement of the exterior siding, paint, roof shingles, brick patio fences and gates???
and common areas.  The homeowner association is responsible for routine replacement of the roof shingles due
to normal wear and this is commonly done on a building by building and property-wide basis, as needed.  The
homeowner is responsible for major roof repairs and replacement due to wind, storms, tornadoes and hurricanes.
An Association and Homeowner Responsibility List follows and should be reviewed carefully by each homeowner.  
If you have a question about the association and homeowner responsibilities, please contact our Management
office. Copy of Association and Homeowner Responsibility List -
Click here.

The homeowner should maintain insurance policies that provide sufficient coverage for the townhome, furnishings
and contents plus flood insurance, if required.  Because of the frequency of large rainfall totals, storms and
hurricanes in southeast Texas, flood insurance is recommended, even if you have a mortgage and the mortgage
holder does not require you to have it based on the elevation of your townhome.  Please contact a reputable
insurance agent regarding insurance policies and coverages required for a townhome unit.
Community Services
There are two beautiful swimming pools with lounge chairs and bathhouses to
serve the entire Westwind Commmunity, including Westwind Townhomes.
These pools are cared for by the Westwind Recreational Association under
professional management. Both pools are open year-round and are 'swim at
your own risk pools'.

The swimming pools are available for homeowners, residents and their guests
only and an access card must be obtained from Management for the entrance

*The South Pool is located south of Richmond Avenue at 3161 Windchase
..Blvd.  *The North Pool is located north of Richmond Avenue at  13510
Shadow Run.
A tennis court and volleyball court are located north of Richmond Avenue on the east side of Windchase Blvd at
13510 Shadow Run near the North Pool.  The tennis and volleyball courts are fenced and lighted. Please note
you will need your access card to get into this area. Like the pools, this facility is cared for by the Westwind
Recreational Association under professional management. This facility is open year-round.

An access card must be obtained from Management for the entrance gate.  Please make sure the gate closes
behind you when you leave the courts.
The community services provided as part of the assessment fees include lawn care, trash pick-up, water and
sanitary sewer, pest control and outdoor lighting in common areas.  

Lawn care of the common areas is provided on a weekly basis.  Lawn watering is done by the lawn crew and/or
maintenance crew, as needed.

Trash pick-up is provided at the back of the townhome garages on twice each week, except during the holidays
observed by our trash contractor. When a holiday falls on either Wednesday or Saturday, our service will be
pushed to the next day (given it is not a holiday). The trash pick-up times are variable and can range from about
7 a.m. to after 7 p.m.  Please secure your trash in plastic or metal containers and/or trash bags.

Water and sanitary sewer services are included in the maintenance fees and are provided by West Harris County
Municipal Utility District (MUD) 6.  The water supply provided by West Harris County MUD 6 is a potable water
supply that is regulated by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).  The water supply is
regularly tested and analyzed for numerous chemical, radionuclide and bacteriological constituents to ensure the
water meets TCEQ requirements for public drinking water.  If homeowners and residents notice any problems with
the water supply, such as color, odor or excessive air, please contact our Management office and the MUD’s
operator, Municipal District Services, at 281-290-6500.